Rank List for Cat No: 018/2021 - Driver GR II (HDV) / Driver Cum – Office Attendant (HDV) - Palakkad District

 Ranked List No. : 640/2023/DOP

The following is the list of candidates for selection to the post of Driver GR II (HDV) (By Transfer) Driver Cum – Office Attendant (HDV) on Rs. 18,000 – 41,500/- in Various Departments in Palakkad District, found suitable by the Commission and arranged in the order of merit based on the OMR trest held on 17.08.2021 and Practical Test (TTest and Road Test) held on 23.03.2023. This Ranked List is brought into force with effect from 10.08.2023

  1. 142227 KRISHNAKUMAR S 07/05/1977

NOTE (1) :- The Ranked List shall cease to be in force after one year and a maximum period of three years from the date of finalization of the ranked list. Candidates from the Ranked List will be advised for appointment in accordance with the rules and orders regarding reservation and rotation as amended from time to time, if applicable, against vacancies reported to the Commission during the pendancy of the Ranked List. As the advice for appointment depends on the occurance of vacancies there is no gauarantee that all the candidates included in the Ranked List will secure appointment. The candidates remaining in the Ranked List at the time of cancellation will have no claim at all for appointment on the basis of the inclusion of their names in the Ranked List. 

NOTE (2) :- According to the existing procedure, revaluation of Answer script is not allowed. But Answer scripts will be rechecked if the candidates apply for through their One Time Registration profile from the Commission's official website www.kerala psc.gov.in by remitting the prescribed fee of Rs. 85 (Rupees Eighty Five only). The fee can be remitted by e-payment through the portal. Applications submitted in any other manner will not be considered. A period of 15 (Fifteen) days time to apply for rechecking of Answer scripts will be allowed to candidates with effect from the date on which the Ranked List is uploaded in the website ofthe Commission (ie on 23.10.2023) 

NOTE (3) :- Candidates who wish to obtain a photocopy of their OMR Answer sheets (Part A & Part B) relating to this selection shall submit online application through their One Time Registrationprofile from the official website of the Commission, www.keralapsc.gov.in by remitting the prescribed fee of Rs. 335 (Rupees three hundred and thirty five) via e-payment mode available in the portal. A period of 15 (Fifteen) days time (ie on 23.10.2023) to apply for photocopy of OMR sheets will be allowed to candidates with effect from the date on which the Ranked List is uploaded in the website of the Commission. Application submitted in any other manner will not be considered. A copy of the answer sheet will be issued only once to a candidate. Copies of OMR sheets invalidated due to any defect will not be issued. 

NOTE (4) :- The candidates who wish to relinquish their claim for advice from the Ranked List shall submit an application in the format prescribed by the Commission to The District Officer, Kerala Public Service Commission, District Office, Opp: Govt. Guest House, Near District Panchayat office, Civil Station P O, Palakkad- 678001. The format is available in the official website of the Commission. The request for relinquishment inrespect of those who do not submit the relinquishment application in the format prescribed by the Commission will not be honoured under any circumstances. The request for relinquishment in the prescribed format should be dulyattested by a Gazetted Officer of State/Central Government with signature, name, designation and office seal along with a notarized affidavit and a self attested copy of an ID Proof bearing photograph as enlisted in the General conditions. The request for relinquishment along with the original of notarized affidavit and self attested copy of an ID proof received within 15 days from the date of publication of Ranked List in the Official website of the Commission willbe honoured against the requisitions of vacancies that are pending with the Commission upto the finalisation of Ranked List. After the publication of the Ranked List, the request for relinquishment will be considered only if such request is received on or before the date of receipt of requisition based on which he/she is to be advised. 

NOTE (5) :- Since a common OMR test was conducted for this post, the marks awarded to the candidates included in this Ranked List and marks of OMR test relating to all candidates appeared for the test will be published only after the publication of entire Ranked Lists which will be finalised on the basis of the common test. 

NOTE (6) :- The A part and B part of OMR scripts will be destroyed after completing 6 months period from the date of finalisation of all Ranked lists included in the Common OMR test.

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