Rank List For Cat No: 104/2019 - Clerk-Typist / Typist-Clerk (By Transfer)-IDUKKI

It is hereby notified that the Part II List (Recruitment By Transfer) is appended as follows to the Ranked List for selection to the post of CLERK TYPIST/TYPIST CLERK (BY TRANSFER) on Rs. 19000- 43600/- in VARIOUS Departments in IDUKKI District found suitable by the Commission and arranged in the order of merit on the basis of OMR Test held on 31.12.2021. Candidates who have secured40% marks and above are included in the List. The List of unadvised Candidates remaining in the Part II of the Previous Ranked List is carried over and included at the top of this list. The Ranked List is brought into force w.e.f 18.05.2023.

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