Short List For Cat No: 044/2022 - Driver -THIRUVANANTHAPURAM

The following is the Short List containing the Register Numbers of candidates who are found provisionally eligible to be called for Physical measurement and Practical Test (T Test and Road Test) subject to the verification of the Original documents, for selection to the post of Driver-First NCA-Hindu Nadar- THIRUVANANTHAPURAM (Category No. 044/2022 ) in Excise Department on Rs.19000-43600(PR) on the basis of the OMR held on 05-09- 2022.

The Register Numbers are arranged in their numerical sequence and the arrangement does not in any way, indicate their respective rank on the basis of the said test.

The candidates who have secured 45.33 ( forty five (point) three three ) marks and above are included in the Short List .

100273     100483     100548     100835     101406     101514    

101619     102041     102133     102151     102820     103515 

104093    104227     104712     104883     104950     105557    

105655    105831     106629     106775     107046     107324    

107428    109208     110621     110700     117595

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