Detailed syllabus for Workshop Instructor / Demonstrator in Printing Technology

Module I - Developments in Printing (Score :10)

Classification of Printing - Conventional - Non impact printing- Print production

Module II - Printing Industry (Score :5)

Division of printing industry - Different types of print media- Print production work flow

Module III - Graphic Designing (Score :10)

Design principles-Types of images-Scanners- Page layout software-File formatsColour- Colour separation

Module IV - Digital prepress (Score :10)

Image assembly -Page formats-Page layout-Imposition

Module V - Materials for printing (Score :15)

Types of Paper, properties, paper size-Types of Inks, ingredients, properties, drying methods- Chemicals used in printing-Types of plates, plate making 

Module VI - Offset printing (Score :10)

Sheetfed types- Units- Machine Operations- Web fed - Classification- Unitsoperations-Multicolour printing

Module VII - Trouble shooting (Score :10)

Paper problems- Ink problems - Printing problems-Blanket problems -Quality control devices

Module VIII - Finishing and Binding (Score :10)

Finishing operations- Safety measures - Binding Classification-Sewing types- Hard bound- Paper back- Forwarding- Gathering- Cutting-Embossing-Collating-Endpapers

Module IX – Packaging (Score :10)

Types of packaging- Importance of packaging-Materials used for packaging - Cartons

Module X - Basic Engineering (Score :10)

Printing machine parts- Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic componentsMotors and Transformers 

NOTE: - It may be noted that apart from the topics detailed above, questions from other topics prescribed for the educational qualification of the post may also appear in the question paper. There is no undertaking that all the topics above may be covered in the question paper.

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