Syllabus for Motor Mechanic or Store Assistant

Module 01 - Safety, marking tools and measuring instruments: 10 Mark

    First aid, Occupational   Safety   &   Health,   safety   in   workshop,   different marking   tools,    different   measuring   tools,   vernier   calipers, micrometer, telescopic gauge, bore dial gauge, dial test indicator, straight edge, feeler gauge, thread pitch gauge, vacuum gauge, tire pressure gauge, etc.

Module 02 - Basic fitting: 10 Mark

Basic fitting tools, Fasteners,   gaskets & oil seals, cutting tools, drilling machine, taps & dies, etc.

Module 03 - Working cycles: 10 Mark

Terms related to engine, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, firing order, valve timing diagram, etc.

Module 04 - Engines: 10 Mark

Types, components, working, and construction. 

Module 05 - Cooling and lubrication systems: 10 Mark

Cooling system – Need, types, components, construction, working and maintenance. Lubrication system   –   Need,   types,   components,   construction,   working   and maintenance.

Module 06 - Fuel system: 10 Mark

Fuel system in IC engines (Petrol & Diesel) – Need, types,   components,   construction,   working   and maintenance. Electronic diesel & petrol control systems – MPFI, CRDI, HEUI, ECU, etc.    

Module 07 - Intake,   exhaust   systems,   emission   and   pollution   control: 10 Mark

Intake   &   exhaust   systems  –   Need,   types,   basic   components, construction, working and maintenance. Emission control – Basics, types, Emission control systems – EGR, DPF, SCR, evaporative emission control, catalytic convertors, etc.

Module 08 - Troubleshooting,   Servicing   and   maintenance: 10 Mark

Fault   finding, troubleshooting, servicing and maintenance of diesel engines.

Module 09 - Electrical and electronic systems related to automobiles: 10 Mark

Basic electricity. fuses & circuit brakers. Battery­ types, construction, charging, care & maintenance. Solenoids & relays.

Module 10 - Overhauling of alternator and starting motor: 10 Mark

Basics of AC & DC  generators and  related  circuits  using  in  vehicles –  Need, types, basic components, construction, working and maintenance. 

NOTE: - It may be noted that apart from the topics detailed above, questions from other topics prescribed for the educational qualification of the post may also appear in the question paper. There is no undertaking that all the topics above may be covered in the question paper.

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