The following is the list of candidates for selection to the post of JUNIOR CONSULTANT (OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY) (FIFTH NCA FOR LATIN CATHOLIC/ANGLO INDIAN COMMUNITY) on Rs.63,700-1,23,700/- (Rs. 9,900/- sp) in HEALTH SERVICES DEPARTMENT (CAT.NO.423/2022), interviewed and found suitable by the Commission and arranged in the order of merit for recruitment against the NCA vacancies for Latin Catholic/Anglo Indian Community. This Ranked List is brought into force with effect from 19-04-2023 and will be valid until the candidates are advised and appointed against the vacancies earmarked for the above community but remains unfilled due to the paucity of candidates during the currency of Mother Ranked List published on 29.03.2011 (Category No.282/2010) for the post.

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